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About Me 

Cooking, eating and sharing food is one of my greatest joys. I get excited when thinking of a new recipe with different combinations of flavours, how I'm going to plate it and most importantly if people will enjoy it.  It's true that we have to please ourselves in order to please others, but let's be honest, food and eating, in general, is a social act as much as it is a necessity so in this case I'm OK to be a people's pleaser. 


I´m a chef, a mum, a traveler but most importantly a food lover.  After working in restaurants and private yachts for over a decade I moved to New Zealand to start a family and enjoy nature. 

I run my business from home, I write about food, cook, cater and teache culinary lessons; all while trying to keep up with the energy and stamina of two gorgeous boys. Busy days!




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