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Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Aperol spritz

After two months of globe trotting, we're back in the land of the long white cloud .

A heap of adventures that in no particular order included tacos, hiking to volcano craters, dipping into wild thermal springs, climbing the dagger-like peaks of the Dolomite mountains, Fashion Week, a glacier cave trip in a war truck, dining and shopping in the fanciest streets of Paris, driving raucously through bus lanes in a borrowed car; friends, wine tastings, super sensorial food experiences and most importantly - family time.

So many things to share that I find hard to pick one to start with. So I find appropriate to commence the way italians wisely advice -that is- with the aperitivo. The first drink of the day, which some say its Ok to take after 5 pm. Being on holiday gives you an excuse to have it even earlier than the norm, and if on top of that, you've just finished a 6 hour hike to the highest point of a mountain then, heck, any time -after breakfast- is well accepted.

On my multiple visits to Italy, specially the north, I've learned to love and to schedule for that after work wind down time, the quintessential aperitivo. Socializing and

nibbles in a relaxed environment accompanied with mouth puckering drinks that stimulate your appetite for those long late night dinners. Aperol Spritz is among the favorites, this bitter almost fluorescent orange cocktail is totally addictive.

My description makes no justice so go ahead and try it, I promise that after the first sip you'll be converted to this fizzy, citrusy and low in alcohol concoction that will refresh and relax you instantly after a long days work.

The recipe can't be easier, a simple formula with three ingredients and lots of ice. How's that for a speedy thirst-quencher?

Aperol Spritz

Serves 1

3 parts of Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine)

2 parts Aperol

1 part of soda

Ice cubes

Slice of orange to garnish

Use a big wine glass and make sure to add prosseco first so the aperol doesn't go to the bottom.

Enjoy alongside a bowl of green olives or sun-dried tomatoes.


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