Lush Chocolate Pecan Torte

Cake is a good conversation starter, specially when it's preceded by the word chocolate. Did I get your attention?, if you add to it that this recipe contains a minimal amount of flour -spelt in this case- but is still decadent and a show stopper  perfect fora dinner party then you'll have to make it just out of curiosity, am I right?

This recipe was given to me by my little sister, she loves cake as much as I do and we both agree that home baked stuff always tastes better. Is it the effort you put in, the reward after the hard work, some people say that love and care are the secret ingredients. Whichever option you'd like to tick, once you taste this soft and buttery chocolate marvel elevated even more with a healthy drizzle of chocolate ganache you won't be able to stop that smile showing on your face.



190 gr cream cheese, softened

140 gr butter, softened